In the city of Krakow, a beauty so divine,
The streets are lined with ancient monuments and shrines,
A place where history whispers in the breeze,
Where culture thrives in every nook and crease.

The Wawel Castle stands tall in the sky,
Its walls tell tales of knights, kings and spies,
The Main Square, a bustling hub of life,
A gathering place for joy, love, and strife.

The market stalls are filled with colors bright,
A symphony of sights and smells and delight,
The Cloth Hall, a beacon of trade and wealth,
A symbol of the city's economic health.

In the Kazimierz district, stories untold,
A place where Jewish history and culture unfold,
The synagogues, once places of worship and peace,
Now stand as monuments of tragedy and grief.

Oh Krakow, a city of grace and charm,
Your beauty shines like a bright and blazing star,
A place where the past and present intertwine,
In a symphony of art, history, and time.